Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Musical thoughs

Today I want to talk about music.I think that music is a really big part of my life and lately I find myself playing the piano or the guitar for hours on end.I don't know why but I was always kind of obsessed with music,even as a child.It was the beauty of music that captured me,I guess I like all people love beautiful thing and for me music is the most beautiful thing in the world.Although,I never could feel love like other people do,not to say that I didn't have a chance,I had plenty but I just can't feel love the way it is supposed to be felt,I can be in a relationship and be ''in love'' but I find myself not caring enough.I guess I don't really have a lot of emotions,although I can be melodramatic at times.I guess I'm a good actor.


  1. been more into dubstep lately, but i still like guitar and piano

  2. Music is a big part of my life too, but it's probably not as big to me as you. I don't have the gifted talent of being able to play guitar and piano like you so I just listen :) Are you a musician?

    1. With practice you can become quite good,I know I don't have a lot of talent but I practice a lot.
      Not really,I just enjoy playing and I do it for myself.

  3. Music is such a large part of my life. I'm glad that I found someone else who feel similar (:

  4. Music is the single most important thing in my life.
    Can't play a single instrument, but spend all my time listening.

  5. music is like the rain to me it comes and goes and what I like is never quite the same form year to year

  6. i'm the same, i've always known im a musician. always interested me more than anything else!