Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Good Afternoon everyone.
I must admit that,although I never thought about being a blogger,now that I am one I find it quite entertaining.Of course I have a bad habit of overdoing things, especially in the beginning,so I will probably post 3 or 4 post a day until I get bored or find myself lacking anything good (not to say that anything I already wrote is good) to say.As a start I will post a few pictures of drawings,paintings or basically anything that inspires me.I love oil paintings although I'm not very good at painting so I guess I won't post those for a while.This is kind of a ''random thoughts through the day'' kind of blog so I hope it won't be too boring to the world.


  1. me either, but its quite fun :P gl with the blog ;D

  2. I always seem to overdo things in the beginning too. Nice art, by the way. I especially like the first one.