Monday, April 16, 2012

God is an astronaut

really nice inspirational music

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Alright so I've been a little busy these days with work and all so I didn't have time to post anything interesting but now that I do I will post more regularly. So these days I've been introduced with a program called Step7,basically it's a program for machine automation in industry and stuff like that.So I've been learning the basics,getting the hang of things,but I only have 10 days to finish a huge project(with huge pay of course) so I can't let this change get away.I'll post some info on my progress and stuff like that when I get some free time.Well got to get back to work,will post more later.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Martial arts

I've been training myself in martial arts for about a year now.I found out about Kung Fu from my cousin that is an assistant trainer in the club I go to.When I first started training it was hard but a few months later I noticed big changes in the amount of agility, strength and endurance I possessed.I learned to fight and gained some muscle,since I was skinny it really helped me a lot to gain some weight.Of course later when I got sick I lost all the weight I have gained and now I'm working on gaining it again but that doesn't matter much.
So what are your thoughts about martial arts?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I enjoy watching a lot of anime:Code Geass,Death Note,Bleach,One Piece,D. Gray Man,Brave 10 etc.
I just love the overall feeling of anime and manga and would like to go to Japan one day although I probably never will.It seems like some anime,like Code Geass and Death Note,are more though out then most movies or series these days.I guess I'm going to talk about a few series that really caught my eye in detail in some of my later posts,for now I'm just going to leave it at that and go to sleep.

Musical thoughs

Today I want to talk about music.I think that music is a really big part of my life and lately I find myself playing the piano or the guitar for hours on end.I don't know why but I was always kind of obsessed with music,even as a child.It was the beauty of music that captured me,I guess I like all people love beautiful thing and for me music is the most beautiful thing in the world.Although,I never could feel love like other people do,not to say that I didn't have a chance,I had plenty but I just can't feel love the way it is supposed to be felt,I can be in a relationship and be ''in love'' but I find myself not caring enough.I guess I don't really have a lot of emotions,although I can be melodramatic at times.I guess I'm a good actor.


Good Afternoon everyone.
I must admit that,although I never thought about being a blogger,now that I am one I find it quite entertaining.Of course I have a bad habit of overdoing things, especially in the beginning,so I will probably post 3 or 4 post a day until I get bored or find myself lacking anything good (not to say that anything I already wrote is good) to say.As a start I will post a few pictures of drawings,paintings or basically anything that inspires me.I love oil paintings although I'm not very good at painting so I guess I won't post those for a while.This is kind of a ''random thoughts through the day'' kind of blog so I hope it won't be too boring to the world.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Here are some pictures of drawings I did

Losing a puzzle piece

I always felt like my life was just a puzzle and that if I want to live it to the fullest I must collect every piece and put all of the pieces together to create something worth calling ''Life''. Alas I am young and a few months ago I felt like I have collected them all,I was happy with life,or at least, this thing I called life but then something happened,I realized that,although I though I found all the pieces,I was just delusional.I couldn't see the whole picture.The pieces I collected were just the frame and what I was missing was the core,something that will hold all of the pieces together,the most important part.


Although blogs seem to be dead for a very long time and I personally never though about creating a blog or even visiting blogs here I am.The reason I created this blog is because someone once told me that I keep everything on the inside and that if I continue doing that I would eventually explode (or implode),of course I didn't give it much taught and soon I was back to my usual self.The thing that changed and that seemingly forced me into finding a way to express my inner self is that recently,that very person that said I need to express myself,is now gone.Since this is my first post I will make it short.I'm here now and I will try my best.For you and for myself.